Digital Imaging Technician

Los Angeles | Las Vegas

With 10 years of experience in camera department, and a background in lighting, my goal is to help cinematographers maximize image quality. Besides footage offloading and backups, I monitor exposure & scopes, and provide live color grading and on-set dailies. I work local in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and I'm happy to travel. 3 1/2 years of living in Taiwan gives me some insight to Chinese culture and production, and a basic proficiency in Mandarin (普通話). I'm a member of IATSE Local 600.

I provide equipment based on the needs of the project. Items like a cart, 12-core Mac Pro, Flanders 25" OLED monitor, grading control surface, 32 TB RAID, LUT boxes, and software such as DaVinci Resolve Studio, and LiveGrade are included in my DIT station.  For location and exterior work I bring a blackout tent and sprinter van to work inside.